High Rollers Slots

The term high roller is well known and loved by online casinos. However, there are high rollers and then there are "high rollers". This online game is about the other type of high rollers, and Real Time Gaming has created this slots game to show a time in the 1970s where "high rollers" were present in regards to the hippie and psychedelic nature of this era. Players will be able to learn more when they try High Rollers Slots online.

Game Theme

High Rollers Slots is all about the fun and peaceful nature that some had in this 1970s. This was due to the feelings of free love and goodwill and a wanting of wars to stop. This is an easy game to understand and new slot players will not have trouble with gameplay.

Online Versions

The online version can be played using a desktop or laptop. This will involve downloading the software. There is also a no download version which uses instant play.

How The Game is Designed

This is a classic game with lots of flowers and grass surrounding the reels. Players will see that a guy dressed in 70s tie-dye is next to the reels. He is there to cheer anyone as they spin the reels and win. The game is controlled by the buttons below it and these can be customized to preferences. It is possible to use the 'Bet One' button to place just one credit as a wager on the reels. Players can continue to press this button to increase the number of credits. The alternative is to use the 'Play 5 Credits' which is the equivalent to the max bet in other slot games. There is a 'Cash Out' tab for when you are ready to cash out.

The High Roller Symbols

Anyone who is smart might have caught on by now that this game is not just about the rolling reels, but the 'rollers' who smoked in the 70s. This is one of the psychedelic times in history. These 'rollers' were also definitely high and not to be confused with the high rollers in the casino industry who place large wagers on games. Based on this, the slot game offers symbols such as Peace, Love, tie-dye shirts, a Love VW van, butterfly, lava lamp, and more. The substitute wild is the Peace sign.

Online Facts to Know

It will be discovered that the game has three reels and three rows. This is a 3x3 grid. It offers 5 paylines to place wagers. The wagers begin at $0.50 and go to $5. It is possible to deposit with casino chips of $5, $25, and $100 for gameplay.

Some of the Payouts

This is an online slot which has the paytable right on the front of the screen. There is no need to go searching for it in the help section. Players will see that spinning the reels will payout and not just for the high rollers. The game is a classic slot so the max number of symbol combinations is three of a kind. Participants will be able to place a credit wager and win a coin prize. There is up to five credits to be placed on the paylines.

This is a variable payline and it will be seen that you can wager from one payline up to five paylines. It is also possible to wager up to the maximum amount. The lower payouts are the butterfly and lava lamp. This is a payout of 6 coins for three matching symbols. The tie-dye shirt will give 24 coins for three of them.

Higher payout symbols include the Love VW van. It will give 48 coins when three of these are on the first four paylines. However, when the game has the Love van also on the fifth payline, it will activate the jackpot to be paid out. Therefore, players will be able to compete for a progressive jackpot when playing this online slot.

The Game Substitute Feature

The main feature to be found is the substitute or wilds. These symbols are the Peace sign, and it is responsible for substituting or being used as a replacement in the game. The Peace sign will be able to substitute for all other symbols in this online slot machine. This is because there are no other special symbols to be found in High Rollers Slot. The wilds are responsible for being counted on the reels in place of their symbols to help increase the winning amount.

Other Similar Slots

The online casino industry has created other similar slots such as The 70s, Funky Seventies, Psychedelic Sixties, and Disco Funk games. Psychedelic Sixties Slots has a similar theme. It was created by the software developer Rival Powered. Players will see symbols such as a mood ring, woman symbol, Love van, sunflower, Peace, smileys, tambourine, Love, lava lamp, and a man and woman. This online slot does give free Easy Rider spins and a jackpot of 1,000 coins in Psychedelic Sixties Slots.

Roll the Reels

This era in history was a fun time. Players can roll the reels and see what the 1970s was about when they play High Rollers Slot. This is straight and easy gameplay which is available at a participating RTG casino.