Super Diamond Mine Slots

One of the games that might not be known to slot players is Super Diamond Mine Slots. This is an online slots based on the theme of mining diamonds. Players will see that the mining and diamond theme is throughout this game. They can look forward to bonus features and a progressive jackpot.

Game Versions

This online slot does allow gameplay using a desktop and laptop. Slot players will be able to download the game software online. However, they will also have the option to play using Super Diamond Mine Slots instant play.

How to Operate the Dashboard

Gameplay begins at the mine. The reels for this online slot machine are placed against the entrance of the mine. This is a chance to pretend to be a miner and see if you can win diamonds on the reels to help your winnings. Players will only need to see that the game is controlled by the dashboard below it. This is an online slot which allows for gameplay to be adjusted.

The dashboard will show the “Credits” amount which is available. It is also possible to see the “Lines” and adjust this number. Players who want to choose a specific amount to wager will be able to view their “Bet” amount also. The game does show the Total Bet and Winner Paid numbers for this game. Other buttons to view on the dashboard are the “Paytable” and “Select Lines”. Players may use the “Cash Out” to collect their winnings and other options to be found are “Bet One” or “Bet Max” for the highest wager on the lines. The “Spin” button just moves the reels one spin at a time.

All About Super Diamond Mine

There is a lot happening on the reels inside this online game. Slot players will discover a five reel game which offers just 9 paylines for wagers. This is a 3x5 grid arrangement. The game will allow from 0.01 to 5 in wagers with $45 as the maximum with all paylines. The symbols in the game include the single, double, and triple Bars, a piece of coal, sticks of dynamite, the white diamond, and the Mine. The bonus symbols are the white diamond and the Mine.

Game Bonus Feature

The game bonus feature is activated by the diamond symbol which is collected into the Diamond Meter. Diamond symbols will be seen cascading off from the reels when there is a winning combination. The diamond symbol will point in all directions as it cascades off the reels. This is a Cascading Wild Feature which will cause these diamonds to drop down into empty spaces on the reels and result in more winning combinations. Any diamond that does appear on the reels will be placed in the diamond meter.

The Online Bonus Game

There is also a bonus game to be found inside Super Diamond Mine Slot. This bonus game is activated by having dynamite symbols on the reels. Players will need to collect these pieces of dynamite. When there are 99 pieces of dynamite, the miner will then light the switch to the dynamite and all of the pieces will explode. When this explosion occurs, the online bonus game begins. The bonus game starts to show three Mines on the screen. Players will only need to select one of these mines to see a prize from the one selected. The game will allow mines to be selected until there are no more prizes to be given. When the player selects a diamond mine that does not award a prize, the mine’s entrance will collapse and the prize money is collected.

The Game Payouts

This is an online slot which payout when the same kind of symbol is on the reels. It is done from left to right and the least amount is from three of a kind to as much as five of a kind. The single Bar symbol pays out from 15 coins up to 80 coins with five of a kind. Players can also see from 75 coins to 405 coins with two BAR symbols. The triple BARs will pay from 200 coins to 1280 coins for five of a kind of these symbols. The top paying symbols are the diamonds which give from 1000 coins to 6000 coins. The Mine symbol is the highest paying symbol to be found. This Mine symbol pays from 1000 coins to 10,000 coins. It is possible to win from $250,000 in Super Diamond Mine Slots.

Other Diamond Theme Games

Gems such as diamonds are a popular theme inside the online casino industry. This includes slot games such as Mine All Mine which has a similar theme. Mine All Mine online slot was created by WGS. This game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. Gameplay is available on three rows and wagers are from 0.01 to 5 per payline. Some of the symbols in Mine All Mine slots are gold dynamite, a donkey, the mine, 9, 10, J, K, Q, A, miners, and a cart. The payout is up to 1,000 coins in Mine All Mine online slot.

Go Searching For Treasure

Slot players are also looking for the next online game that will give them access to “treasure”. This online slot does pay and it can give access to a big jackpot when you participate in Super Diamond Mine Slots.